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The Finest Pasta In Ethiopia

Large elbow

"It is the perfect pasta shape to use in soups, baked pasta dishes, or devour with a thick paste of cheese and vegetable sauces. After all, need we mention the legendary mac ‘n cheese? "

Small elbow

" These exceptionally small elbows are perfect for soups and salads. "


Long and cylindrical, typical Italian spaghetti has durum wheat semolina as its primary ingredient. Spaghetti, the plural of spaghetto, translates to twine or thin string.


" The word "penna" comes from an Italian word that means "feather" or "pen." Penne is great with nearly any thick sauce, such as Arabbiatta, Alfredo, or Bechamel!"


" is a sort of dry pasta with a twisted corkscrew shape. The twisted or spiral shape of fusilli not only looks appetizing but it also allows you to wipe clean all that delicious sauce served with it."